We Beats Me

Chet Manikantan
2 min readMar 20, 2020


I think, in a way, this coronavirus pandemic shock we are all collectively experiencing should have been expected and perhaps necessary to help heal planet earth, our societies and mankind.. The world has in many ways been a crappy place for much of the past 20–30 years, mostly because people have become extremely selfish, unethical, lack empathy and have behaved inhumanly towards each other and the rest of the species..

This pandemic is a world war 2 scale teacher for all of us / our generations. People needed a wake up call and instead of the fault lines manifesting in the form of a civil war or a global scale war, it presented itself in the form of a pandemic.

In fact, I predict that the governments across the world will reduce their defense budgets and spend more on public health and climate change in the next decade, because that is what the younger generations and the older generations will support. This has become inevitable now. The permafrost melting and glaciers melting and massive deforestation and exploitation will potentially unleash unknown viruses trapped for a bazillion years into the environment and invariably we might see many more pandemics in the next 5–20 years.

After the Great Wars of the 20th century, governments worldwide spent enormous amounts on building the war machinery / investing in science / technology to support war efforts — not surprisingly since war was seen as the greatest threat — but, in the coming decades we will see that same mindset to address crisis in the realm of public health and environmental sustainability — this will be the case for the next 40 — 50 years.

If I were to sound poetic, this is probably a way for Mother Nature to restore the delicate ecological balance and keep the environment and species sustainable — and humans are being forced to adapt / learn from this crisis to care about each other and their environment, for their own self-preservation. The “me” era is drawing to an end and we will be soon witnessing the rise of the “we” era!

Nobody saw this coming and to say that is an understatement!!